How to get Amethysts in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Let’s get some gems!

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Gemstones are a very useful thing in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You can use them to craft different items to either complete quests or sell them to make a big chunk of money in the game. Below, we’ll show you to find Amethysts. It’s a bit of a rarer gem than some of the others in the game, so knowing exactly where to go to mine Amethysts is important.

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How to unlock the required biomes for Amethyst

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As mentioned, Amethyst is a lot rarer than most of the gemstones in Disney Dreamlight Vallet and can only be found in two of the biomes in the world. You can mine this gem from either Frosted Heights or the Forgotten Lands. It’s an important gem to find because the Amethyst gemstone is needed in order to unlock Olaf as part of the Festival of Friendship update. Plus, you can always sell them off for a tidy profit if you need some extra spending money.

In order to be able to collect up some Amethyst and complete the Olaf quest, you want to be sure to have one or both of the biomes unlocked. You will need to spend 10,000 Dreamlight in order to unlock Frosted Heights, and 15,000 to unlock Forgotten Lands. Both of these biomes have other biomes in front of them in the progression order, so you may need to progress through some other biomes before you can unlock them, depending on how far you’re into Dreamlight Valley. You can tell exactly how far you need to go by opening up your map and having a look around.

Once you have these two locations unlocked, you want to take a level two mining character with you as your companion to help you mine in these two biomes. Keep in mind that the Festival of Friendship update also introduced Training Manuals, which let you change your companion’s roles. If you need to make a change, be sure to use this feature. Once you have a level two miner as your companion, you’ll collect many more gems and also level up faster.