How to unlock Olaf in Disney Dreamlight Valley

He likes warm hugs.

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There are plenty of friends that you can make as you live your life in Disney Dreamlight Valley and learn about the power of The Forgetting. Added in Update 3 is Olaf – the lovable snowman created by Elsa. He is locked away and unfortunately was forgotten during a game of hide-and-seek. It is time to free this dopey little character and let him live in the valley once more. This guide will show you how to unlock Olaf in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to complete The Great Blizzard quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After downloading the Festival of Friendship update, you will immediately get a cutscene that shows a blizzard overtaking the Frosted Heights area of the valley. Talk to Merlin about it and he will tell you to investigate it immediately. Make your way to the Frosted Heights and check the wall in the back right corner of the area. Here, you will find a new door with strange symbols on it.

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Interact with the door and you will get a cutscene that shows it opening to reveal Olaf sitting inside the cave. He will be battling with some shadowy squirrels. You have found Olaf after a long game of hide-and-seek but he is now missing his buttons, arms, and carrot nose (you can’t just use one of the carrots you grew or bought to replace it). Chase down the squirrels in the Frosted Heights and interact with them to get his buttons and nose back.

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With those pieces returned, you will need to go talk to Elsa. During the talk, she will tell you to use your watering can on the Pillar in the Frosted Heights. Do as Elsa says and then talk to her again. Return to Olaf and use the watering can on the various sparkling areas in the chamber. You will get short cutscenes showing your character throwing the orb into the portal along with Olaf’s arms.

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After seeing these memories, gather the items that Olaf tells you about and you will discover that you need to craft a Dreamlight Prism. Gather the following materials for it:

  • 5 Purified Night Shards
  • 10 Glass
  • 3 Shattered Prism

After collecting the items, craft the Dreamlight Prism and place it on the pedestal in the chamber. Once this is done, you will need three gemstones to add to the empty pillars. Obtain the following gemstones:

  • Amethyst
  • Citrine
  • Emerald

Place the gemstones on the pedestals and you will get a cutscene where the portal opens.

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Reach into the portal and obtain the orb along with Olaf’s arms. Finish the quest by putting the orb in the pillar and talking to Olaf. His friendship level will immediately rise to level two and he will be unlocked. Unfortunately, Olaf doesn’t get a snow house to call home.