How to get an athletic scholarship in BitLife

A homerun into college.

Image via Candywriter

Not every character you play in BitLife will have the highest intelligence, meaning they likely struggle with raising their smarts stat. Just because they don’t have a high smarts stat doesn’t mean they can’t attend college. Rather than relying on smarts, you can choose to focus more on your character’s health and athleticism, and they can work towards earning an athletic scholarship.

You can start the path of earning an athletic scholarship as early as middle school with your character. When you arrive, there should be various extracurricular activities your character can participate in, and you can pick from any of the sports clubs, such as golf, basketball, soccer, volleyball, or football. If your character is accepted to join the team, make sure to return to the school page so you can work hard and practice doing it each year. Your character will have to reapply for those teams when they enter high school.

To ensure your keep your character’s health and athleticism up, make sure to have them visit the gym and go on a walk at least once before hitting the age up button. It’s a good way to keep your character healthy and ensure they remain active at all times.

It’s important to remember that if your character does not have good athleticism, they won’t be accepted into any middle school or high school sports teams. Depending on the stats your character receives at the start of the game, no matter how much practice or time at the gym they do, they won’t be able to raise it high enough. You may have to reroll the character and try again.

When your character reaches the end of their high school career while playing their respective sport, they should receive an athletic scholarship when they graduate. There is a distinct pop-up that goes along with this reward, and it means your character can go to a university without having to pay for anything, which is always good and provides them with an option for those who don’t want to pursue a professional sports career.