How to get an enemy named Ursula in BitLife

Make an enemy with a person with this name in BitLife.

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Having an enemy named Ursula in BitLife is a tricky task. How you go about this can take some time, but you might also get lucky depending on certain factors. There are some ways to ensure you can do this relatively easily. In this guide, we’re going to cover how to get an enemy named Ursula in BitLife.

Finding an NPC named Ursula in BitLife

A direct way to have an enemy named Ursula is by having God Mode in BitLife. With it, you can change nearly any aspect of a character in your game, such as their name. However, God Mode is a paid service, and not everyone can do that.

Another way to complete this task for the Under the Sea Challenge is to have a child named Ursula. Your character will need to marry someone and have a child to start the process. When the child is born, make sure you name them Ursula, and as they grow up, have them become enemies with you.

Alternatively, beyond both of these opportunities, there’s always a chance you can encounter a co-worker or loved one named Ursula. If you do, your character will not need to have a child and for you to name them Ursula. Instead, you can interact with this person and choose to make them into an enemy. There’s always the option to consistently insult them or perform negative actions against this character, where they declare you as an enemy.

Enemies in BitLife will sometimes go out of their way to be mean or cause trouble with you. Therefore, we don’t recommend having many of them, especially if they are co-workers or family members.