How to get and do Contraband Contracts in Call of Duty Warzone

New contract means more rewards in Call of Duty Warzone.

A new contract is available in Call of Duty Warzone called Contraband. The contract will give you a hefty amount of experience and money after completing it during your Warzone match, but having it unlock is slightly less direct than the other ones.

To unlock the Contrabrand contract, you need to complete at least one other contract before you can do it. After you complete any of the readily available contracts in the game, the Contraband contract briefcase has a chance to spawn in for you and your team. It only has a chance to drop so that you won’t receive it every time. The more contracts you finish, the higher of a chance you have to get it.

Alternatively, you can grab one by taking down other players who looted it. Take them down, and then you receive the quest they were working on.

Once you do receive the Contraband contract, you need to go to the indicated helipad and transport the briefcase off the map. You want to go directly to the helipad after you get it, so don’t daddle it. Upon completing the Contraband contract, you will receive a blueprint for your troubles, which is an excellent reward for doing a Warzone match.

The more contracts you complete in Warzone, the higher chances you have to receive a Contraband contract. You might have better luck with more members in your team, but you have the opportunity to participate in solo, duo, trios, and quads for Warzone.