How to get and evolve the Mirage Robe in Vampire Survivors

The Mirage Robe has a lot of hoops, but it’s a good weapon.

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The Mirage Robe is a new weapon in Vampire Survivors’ Legacy of Moonspell DLC. It’s not a weapon that is available in the beginning, and will require a lot of steps. Its utility might leave a lot to be desired, but it works well with other weapons. If you learn how to use it and how to evolve it, the Mirage Robe can be a powerful weapon for players who like to move.

If you do not have the Legacy of Moonspell DLC, the Mirage Robe will never show up in your weapon selection. Ensure you have the DLC purchased and installed before attempting to get the Mirage Robe and its evolution.

How to unlock and obtain the Mirage Robe

The Mirage Robe is the default weapon of Babi-Onna, who must be unlocked through a series of steps. You must have found Miang Moonspell’s coffin and unlocked them as a character. Use Miang to unlock and evolve the Silver Wind weapon, which unlocks Menya Moonspell as a character. Unlock and evolve the Four Seasons weapon with Menya Moonspell and you unlock Syuuto Moonspell.

Syuuto Moonspell allows you to access the Summon Night weapon. Unlock and evolve the Summon Night weapon and Babi-Onna will be accessible. Babi-Onna is your best chance of evolving the Mirage Robe, but you may want to unlock it for other characters. Survive for 15 minutes with Babi-Onna on any map and the Mirage Robe is available for everyone.

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How to evolve the Mirage Robe

The Mirage Robe requires the Attractorb/Magnet passive item in order to evolve. You must meet the 10 minute mark requirement for weapon evolution and have opened at least one treasure box before reaching 10 minutes. Unlike other weapons, the Mirage Robe must be fully upgraded along with the Attractorb or the weapon does not evolve.

After 10 minutes pass, along with a fully upgraded Mirage Robe and Attractorb, you are ready to evolve the weapon. Open another treasure chest (hopefully before the 10 minute mark) and wait for another to drop. The next treasure chest should give you the J’Odore weapon, which is the Mirage Robe’s evolution.

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Unlocking the J’Odore will update its entry in your collection, and inserts itself into your Grimoire automatically. If you ever forget how to evolve the Mirage Robe, there will be a reminder of the components necessary to do so.