How to get and plant seeds in Sons of the Forest

Time to grow some plants.

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In Sons of the Forest, you will spend most of your time gathering resources. Some resources can be picked up as loot, but you’ll need to go through some extra trouble for others. For example, to get some specific plants, you will need to grow them yourself. To do this, you must learn how to get and plant seeds in Sons of the Forest.

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How to plant seeds in Sons of the Forest

Seeds can be acquired from different spots around the forest. The quickest way to get them is by picking up plants while exploring the forest. Sometimes, you will get the seeds for the plant you picked up. So make sure you pick up as many plants as possible if you’re hunting for seeds.

Next, you need to create a planter using the Crafting Book. You can access it by pressing the ‘B’ key. Then, you need to hold down the ‘X’ key to switch the mode. When the book appears in your left hand, click on ‘Gardening’ to see the options for planters. There are a total of two planters you can build: a Wall Planter and a Standing Planter. You need 16 sticks for the first one and 18 for the second. Choose whichever you prefer, but you will most likely craft the Standing one as you don’t need a base for it.

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After building the Standing Planter, go near it and hold down the ‘E’ key. You can then choose the seeds you want to plant, and they will fully grow in 2 to 3 days. We are yet to discover if there is something that can speed up the growth process, but it would stand to reason that rainwater could help you out.