How to make a tent in Sons of the Forest

It’s not camping, it’s glamping.

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Sons of the Forest is a hardcore survival game that will have you contending with harsh elements and ravenous cannibals. As soon as you land on the island, you will need to get to work. Of course, you won’t be building a home right away so the next best thing is to build a quick tent so that you can rest for the night when you get tired. This guide will show you how to make a tent in Sons of the Forest.

How to craft a tent in Sons of the Forest

The tent is the most basic shelter that you can make but it is far better to make it early on than it is to build a large home for you and all your companions. As soon as you wake up from the helicopter crash, you will be surrounded by various objects that washed ashore. Get to work and start gathering all the necessary supplies. To make a tent, you will need the following items:

  • Tarp
  • 2 Sticks
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Tarps are pretty easy to find. You should be able to gather one from the wreckage of the helicopter. If not, you can find them at various camps all over the island. Sticks are also easy to find and litter the island anywhere that you see trees. Search the ground or break small trees to get sticks. Once you have both items, go into your inventory and equip the tarp. Look down and you will see an outline of the tarp. Press the left mouse button to place it.

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With the tarp placed, go to the corner and look down at it. You will see an arrow pointing up. Press the left mouse button again to use a stick to lift the corner of the tarp and make a tent. You can use a single stick to make the tent but two are preferred so you can get that classic tent look. With a tent set up, you can hold the E key on it to save your game or hold the Z key to rest and refill your energy meter. Now you just need to build a fire to go with it.