How to get and spend Claim Tokens in Fallout 76

Caution: Mine may collapse.

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There are many different types of currencies in Fallout 76. To name a few, you have Gold Bullion, Mr. Fuzzy Tokens, Caps, and more. Among these currencies is the less widely-used one called Claim Tokens. This special currency is only used in a specific area and it takes a while to accumulate a large number of them. Spending this currency, however, can get you some pretty useful items.

How to get Claim Tokens in Fallout 76

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To obtain Claim Tokens, you will need to complete the Lode Baring event. You can find this event in two different areas; Abandoned Mine Shaft Elaine and Abandoned Mine Site Kittery. Both of these areas are in the southern part of the map in the Ash Heap. This Lode Baring event requires you to protect three auto-miner Protectrons. The Protectrons will dispense Claim Tokens every 40 seconds during the event. You will get more Claim Tokens if you manage to keep the Protectrons alive throughout the course of the event. Mole Miners will spawn every 20 seconds near one of the three Protectrons. When the event is over, you will need to escape before the tunnel collapses.

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How to spend claim tokens

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Claim Tokens can be spent at one of the terminals near either of the areas where the Lode Baring event takes place. These terminals can be found right outside the entrance to either mine. You can choose the following rewards in exchange for your tokens:

  • Standard Haul – 10 Claim Tokens
  • Rich Haul – 20 Claim Tokens
  • Exceptional Haul – 40 Claim Tokens
  • Jackpot Haul – 100 Claim Tokens

To get the best loot, you will want to wait until you have 100 Claim tokens to claim the Jackpot Haul. The “hauls” get you a mix of scrap metals, ammo, and plans with the Jackpot Haul getting you the most items for your Claim Tokens. The amount of ammo and scrap that you receive is randomized.