The best way to farm Mr. Fuzzy Tokens in Fallout 76

Collect those Mr. Fuzzy Tokens for some great items and a soiled mascot suit.


Image via Bethesda

You’ve made the trip to Camden Park for fun and games only to realize that you need to collect Mr. Fuzzy Tokens to obtain any rewards in the area. These tokens aren’t plentiful, but they can be used to purchase some great items. It’s time to get to farming.

Farming the normal way

If you want to farm for these tokens the normal way—A.K.A. the slow way—then you will need to complete the daily quests in the area. When you go to Camden Park for the first time, you will be given a quest titled Mistaken Identity. It seems that the robots in charge of running the park have mistaken you for an employee. Now you must calibrate the games.

Complete the quest, calibrate the games, and you will receive three Mr. Fuzzy Tokens for each game. That is a grand total of nine once the quest is complete. After this, you will have access to the daily missions for the three games known as The Chow Line, Lucky Mucker, and Dross Toss. Completing each of these will get you three coins each day. It’ll take a long time to get any rewards that way.

Farming tokens the easy way

The easier way to get these tokens requires a friend for help. Once you have a friend, give them all the tokens you have on your current character. If you haven’t been to Camden Park yet, head there and complete the Mistaken Identity quest. Afterward, give the tokens to your friend.

Now that you have given the tokens to your friend, quit the game while your friend stays in the lobby. Create a new character and fast travel to your friend at the cost of zero Caps. You will immediately be able to do the Mistaken Identity quest to rack up another nine coins. Keep repeating this process until you have the amount you want. This will save you days of work compared to the normal method.