How to get and use Henrietta’s Map in Hogwarts Legacy

Ready for a treasure hunt?

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There are plenty of secrets for you to discover as you progress through Hogwarts Legacy, some of which are maps. Maps will often lead you to great treasures that you can claim and add to your collections. Henrietta’s Map is one such item that will activate a side quest when you pick it up. Following where the map leads will get you a special prize. This guide will show you how to get and use Henrietta’s Map in Hogwarts legacy.

Where to find Henrietta’s Map in Hogwarts Legacy

Henrietta’s Map is an item you probably won’t find for a while in the game. This is because you need to travel down to the southern portion of the map where the Poidsear Coast is, and reaching this area is difficult, thanks to the massive goblin camp that blocks access to the area. Once you reach Poidsear Coast, head to the location called Poidsear Castle. There is a Floo Flame Fast Travel point that makes it easy to spot.

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Clear the castle out and search the area. You can find the map inside one of the tents outside the castle. The map will be sitting on a table. Picking the map up will start the Hippogriff Marks the Spot quest. This quest requires you to find Henrietta’s Hideaway and solve a puzzle to obtain her treasure.

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How to use Henrietta’s Map in Hogwarts Legacy

Henrietta’s Map will lead you to her hideaway, which is along the western coast of the Manor Cape section of the map. Her hideaway is hidden within the cliffside underneath a large thing of ruins. Make sure to fight off the Ashwinders that are using the place as a base.

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Inside the hideaway, you will need to solve a few puzzles. The first one requires you to activate a fire block and an ice block. Once they are active, the door will open to the room with the Hippogriff statue – the same statue that is on the map.

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Clear out the Ashwinders inside the hideaway. Once this is done, take a look at the map and use it to match up the fires around the Hippogriff statue. Use Incendio and Glacius to ignite and extinguish the fires around the statue to match the ones shown on the map. When the pattern matches, the puzzle will be complete, and a wall will open behind the statue, revealing the chest with Henrietta’s treasure.