How to find Stench of the Dead in Hogwarts Legacy

This foul stench is a useful potion resource.

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The Stench of the Dead is a resource in Hogwarts Legacy and is also one of the main ingredients in the Thunderbrew Potion. Unlike the other resources for potions, the Stench of the Dead can only be found if you’re willing to explore more dangerous locations in the game, and it drops off a specific creature. Here’s what you need to know about how to find the Stench of the Dead in Hogwarts Legacy.

Where to find Stench of the Dead in Hogwarts Legacy

The only creature we’ve encountered in Hogwarts Legacy that reliably drops Stench of the Dead are Inferi. You may encounter these undead-like creatures as you explore the game and progress through the main story. However, once they disappear from the main story, tracking down Inferi becomes a bit more complicated, especially if you’re searching for them in enemy camps scattered throughout the game and trying to make a Thunderbrew Potion.

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Thankfully, there’s a good location you can farm to regularly find Inferi: Inferi Lairs. These locations are an excellent way to reliably acquire Stench of the Dead for your growing potions collection by defeating multiple Inferi at a single location. One of the better areas to find one of these lairs is by visiting Keenbridge. In the Hogwarts Valley region, you can find this village to the south of Hogwarts. To the northwest of the town is an Inferi Lair.

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When you arrive, Inferi will begin to pop up from the ground, and each one you defeat has a decent chance to drop Stench of the Dead. It doesn’t always happen, though. The Inferi will continue to spawn at this location until you leave, giving you plenty of chances to grab this helpful resource. You can do this at any Inferi Lair location in Hogwarts Legacy, turning it into a Stench of the Dead farming hotspot.

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