How to get and use Mystery Candy in Fallout 76

Trick or treat! Smell my feet!

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The spooky air of Halloween has crept into the wastelands of Appalachia in Fallout 76 and the Spooky Scorched are out to play. Get your Halloween costume on and get ready to do some trick or treating to celebrate the holiday. Gather up all the Mystery Candy you can and spread fear around the wasteland. You can give the candy away or be a candy hog and keep it all for yourself. This guide will show you how to get and use Mystery Candy in Fallout 76.

How to get Mystery Candy in Fallout 76

Whenever the Halloween update rolls around, the Spooky Scorched come out to play and bring treats galore with them. You can tell which Scorched enemies are the Spooky variants thanks to their costumes. Track down Spooky Scorched where Scorched enemies typically like to hide. Loot them for a chance to get Mystery Candy and maybe some Spooky Treat Bags.

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If tracking down Scorched isn’t your style, you can also obtain Mystery Candy from Trainstation Vendors that pop up all over the map. Aside from those methods, you can also go the more festive route by wearing a costume and going door to door collecting Mystery Candy from other players. Any C.A.M.P that appears on the map with a pumpkin symbol has candy for you to collect from their Spooky Candy Bowl.

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How to use Mystery Candy in Fallout 76

Mystery Candy works the same way as any other food item. Activate your Pip-Boy and go over to the food/drink tab. Interact with the Mystery Candy to consume and receive one of the following mystery effects:

  • Lucky Break: +1 Luck for 10 minutes
  • Mystery Treat Surprise: You black out and appear in a random location
  • Sugar Rush: +2 Agility and -1 Intelligence for 10 minutes
  • Super Strength: +1 Strength for 10 minutes
  • Sugar Vision: +1 Perception for 10 minutes
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If you aren’t in a candy mood, you can always give it away. During the Halloween event, you can obtain a free Spooky Candy Bowl from the Atomic Shop. Place the bowl in your camp and interact with it to place your Mystery Candy in it. This will allow other players to come by and take some candy.