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How to get and use Nanofiber Frame in Tower of Fantasy

The tiniest of frames.

Upgrading your weapons in Tower of Fantasy past level 50 becomes expensive quickly. You’ll need more and more materials of increased rarity, and some of the best SSR Weapons in the game use something called Nanofiber Frames to progress. This particular material starts at purple rarity and can be fused to yellow, and it takes at least four units to upgrade a Weapon once, up to at least 11 before long. Here’s how to get Nanofiber Frame.

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Select missions are your primary source

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While you can get Nanofiber Frame as a random drop from perfectly decrypting purple password chests, your most consistent source are three of the Select activities: Interstellar Exploration, Dimensional Trials, and Omnium Beacon. To help guarantee you get the materials you need, do either Interstellar Exploration or Dimensional Trials, as other players can steal some of your rewards if they find the Beacon out in the world.

Of the three options, Dimensional Trials are the best — they don’t take more than three-to-five minutes to complete without an optimized team composition, and they’re even faster if the squad is decked out in properly leveled gear. Each completion can award a Weapon augmentation box II, which contains either a Booster Frame or Nanofiber Frame.

Your last source of Nanofiber is through the Weapon Store, where you can buy them on a one-to-one basis for Black Gold. We don’t recommend this last method, as you’ll want to save as much Black Gold as you can for upgrading your SSR Weapons.

How to use Nanofiber Frames

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You won’t need any Nanofiber Frame immediately after you get a new weapon, and certain weapons don’t use them at all. Depending on your luck, you’ll want to be pumping Nemesis with Nanofiber, as by level 60, her Weapon Venus starts needing it. In the Weapon Screen, click on the Upgrade button, then Augment to spend the materials. You’ll be able to use augmentation boxes from this screen, should you need to.

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