How to get and use Phantom Membrane in Minecraft

Unleash the sky’s secrets: Glide, descend, and conquer!

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Phantom Membrane is a unique item that offers numerous benefits in Minecraft. Getting and using this item can improve your gameplay in certain aspects, so you should try to get your hands on it. This Minecraft guide will help you find Phantom Membrane and tell you its uses.

Where to find Phantom Membrane in Minecraft

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Phantom Membrane is dropped by hostile mobs called Phantom. You must kill these creatures to get the material. It’s not guaranteed that they will drop one each time, but the drop rate is very high, so you should have no problem getting Phantom Membrane. Still, they are flying creatures, so you need to be careful.

To spawn a Phantom in Minecraft, you must stay awake for three in-game nights, 72 minutes in real life. Once you do that, go out at night, and they will likely target you. It’s worth noting that you will not see these mobs during the day because they get burned by the sunlight.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Before you jump into spawning the mobs, you should get prepared with solid armor and a weapon, preferably a bow. With a bow, you should be able to avoid the mob’s attacks and attack them mid-air. When you kill three to four of them, you will get Phantom Membrane.

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What Phantom Membrane are used for in Minecraft

There are two uses for Phantom Membrane; repairing Elytra and making Potion of Slow Falling. To repair an Elytra, use the Phantom Membrane with it on an anvil, and it should fix it. Elytra are flying gadgets you can use to glide in the game, but they lose durability over time. To get the Slow Falling potion, mix Phantom Membrane with Awkward potion. The potion helps you take no fall damage and fall slowly from heights.