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How to make the Slow Falling potion in Minecraft

It's time for a slowed leap of faith!

The possibilities are endless with the many things you can make in Minecraft, and Potion of Slow Falling is one such item. As the potion’s name suggests, it will make you fall slower from higher heights. It might seem like a simple effect, but it will come in handy many times than you can imagine. Below is how you can make the Slow Falling potion in Minecraft.

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Minecraft Slow Falling potion — recipe, ingredients, and how to make it

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To make the Slow Falling potion, you must gather three things: Nether wart, Water Bottle, and Phantom Membrane. Once you have the ingredients, add Blaze Powder to your Brewing Stand. Fill the top part with Nether Wart and the bottom with water bottles. Wait for the brewing to finish, and it will make an Awkward potion. 

Use the stand again to put Phantom Membrane on the top and Awkward potion at the bottom. We recommend making three potions at the same time for efficiency. Once the brewing finishes, you will get your Slow Falling potion. The potion only lasts for 1 minute and 30 seconds, which is not a lot, especially compared to most other potions.

How to brew extended Slow Falling potion

However, you can overcome that by increasing the time of the potion. For that, you will need Redstone. To brew the extended potion, go to the Brewing Stand and place Redstone at the top and the Potion of Slow Falling at the bottom. Once the brewing finishes, you will have the potion that lasts for 4 minutes.

You can use the Slow Falling potion for fighting the Dragon as it tosses you around a lot during your fight, so this potion will be a real help. You can also use it to climb down Obsidian Pillars, which are very high and kills you if you fall down. You do not take any fall damage when this potion is active.

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