How to get and use the cross in Sons of the Forest

Crosses burn demons.

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There are a lot of interesting items that you can find throughout the island in Sons of the Forest. There are weapons like katanas and shotguns, along with items like the rebreather and shovel. Each item has a purpose and will help you at some point in the game. If you look hard enough, you can even find a special weapon which is a cross. Use it correctly and it will help you burn away the demons. This guide will show you how to get and use the cross in Sons of the Forest.

How to get the cross in Sons of the Forest

The cross is a unique weapon that appears in two different places on the map. Unfortunately, you can’t dual-wield the crosses and can instead only get one of them. The first cross that you can locate is found within the same cave where you can find the Rope Gun. This cross, however, isn’t necessary and won’t help you until much later in the game. It is nice to have the item early though and in such an accessible location.

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Later on, you can find a second cross in a bunker on the opposite side of the island from where you typically spawn. The bunker entrance can be found near the beach south of where you can get your hands on the revolver. Before heading here, make sure you have the Maintenance Keycard. When you find the bunker entrance, head inside and go down four flights of stairs to find a door on your left with a bunch of suitcases. Continue through the rooms ahead and down the flights of stairs that follow. You will end up coming across a room with a bunch of pipes and blood on the walls.

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Go through the door on the other side of the room and make a left. Go down the long hallway to a room with a bunch of paintings. Go through the small door between the paintings. This will lead you to a living space. Go left and through the door to find the bedroom. The cross is sitting on the back of the bed.

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How to use the cross in Sons of the Forest

The cross is one of the most unique weapons in Sons of the Forest. While it might not seem like it has a purpose, it will ward off enemies at the end of the game. In the same bunker where one of the crosses can be found, you can find a note that says “Crosses burn demons.”

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If you have progressed far enough in the game, you can access a cave system beneath this bunker that is filled with lava. In this area, you will find enemies that are referred to as demons. If you use the cross against these enemies, you will ward them off and burn them, making the cross a very useful tool at the end of the game.