Warframe: How to Get Argon Crystals

Argon Crystals are an incredibly useful resource in Warframe for players that know where to look for it, but getting it can be tricky.

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Warframe is packed with resources for players to collect and use to craft or help them through various questlines. Argon Crystals are a resource available for players to grab, but they’re incredibly rare and highly sought-after.

The reason Argon Crystals are so precious is that they’re one of the few items that can disappear from a player’s inventory. They decay and break down. That’s why we’ve put together this guide for how to get more Argon Crystals in Warframe so that all players can reap the benefits of a large collection.

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How to Get Argon Crystals in Warframe

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Players can get Argon Crystals in Warframe by running missions in the Void and collecting them occasionally as rare drops from promo codes. Running missions in the void is the best place to farm Argon Crystals and the most reliable source of them in the game, but players would be remiss if they didn’t keep an eye on the game’s promo codes to catch every chance to grab them for free that comes around.

How to Farm Argon Crystals by Running Missions in The Void in Warframe

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To farm Argon Crystals in Warframe by running missions in the Void, players must purchase boosters and then run as many missions as possible to maximize their chances of drops. Unfortunately, this is the most reliable way to get this resource, which is why so many players often request it in the marketplace.

While running missions in the Void is fairly self-explanatory, players are able to increase their chances of getting Argon Crystals as a drop by purchasing a Resource Booster as well as a Resource Drop Chance Booster from the marketplace.

Players will need to spend Platinum in the marketplace to get these items. This is Warframe’s premium currency, which is usually purchased with real world cash. However, players can also earn it through certain activities and trade for it with other players by selling their own rare items, such as blueprints for rare Warframes like Wisp Prime.

When running missions in the Void, players need to be playing those missions with the Teshub node because it will send them to an Exterminate mission. This is great for farming Argon Crystals because the missions are quick, meaning players can push through many in a short space of time.

Argon Crystals spawn randomly throughout a level. Players will need to jump into the Exterminate mission and explore as much as possible to find the resources they’re after. They can drop from breaking barrels, opening lockers, and even defeating enemies. If players haven’t seen any Argon Crystals by a level’s end, they should restart it and run it again.

If players want to truly optimize their farming, they should use Warframes with abilities such as Desecrate from Nekros or Pilfering Swarm from Hydroid. These offer multiple drops to players, giving them even more chances to find Argon Crystals when playing through an Exterminate mission. By playing with others also running these Warframes, the entire group will be geared towards farming Argon Crystals and should make the process a breeze.

How Argon Crystals Work in Warframe

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Argon Crystals will only last in a player’s inventory in Warframe for 24 hours. However, players can push their lifespan by using some Argon Crystals. For example, if a player collects eight and uses two of them, the remaining six will stabilize and won’t begin to decay until midnight UTC. From that point, players will have 24 hours to use them.

Additionally, if players start a build at the Foundry that requires Argon Crystals, they can’t cancel it before completion to get those Argon Crystals back. The reason players will want to farm this resource is so that they have enough to complete their build at the Foundry in one go and don’t need to stress about collecting even more within that 24-hour window.