How to Get Better Armor & Weapons in Enshrouded

Players will need to create stronger weapons and armor if they are to survive the harsh lands of the world of Enshrouded.

Enshrouded weapons & armor

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Surviving in the world of Enshrouded means you’ll have to fight monsters that lurk just beyond the darkness. Starting with nothing can be a daunting task, but there is a way to quickly get the tools you need to defeat enemies and defend your base.

Finding materials to build tools and clothes is the first step to surviving the desolate landscape of Enshrouded. The tools available to make right off the bat are the very basic of tools, and players will only be able to make rags in the very beginning. While these work for when the player is just getting started and hasn’t ventured too far, they will need much better equipment if they want to get anywhere. To make better versions of anything, players will need to get some NPC help.

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Finding the Craftspeople in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Craftpeople
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Players cannot make any advanced armor or weapons without the craftspeople, a small group of survivors like the Flameborn with specializations. Each Craftsperson will have recipes for different armor and weapons that will be more well suited to a specific type of class players choose. The first craftsperson players will find is Oswald Anders, the Blacksmith. He will have two armor recipes for players to craft and the recipes to craft a shield and a one-handed weapon, either a club or sword. As players complete more quests and discover more materials, more recipes for armor and weapons will unlock with each craftsperson.

Enhancing Equipment in Enshrouded

Enshrouded enhancements
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Players will be able to enhance already existing equipment when talking to any of the craftspeople in Enshrouded. Players will need the item they wish to enhance in their backpack or the action bar to upgrade it. Players will need to collect runes instead of using different materials to enhance each item. These can be collected by salvaging old weapons and other equipment found throughout the game. Each enhancement will take a decent amount of runes, so stock up. Old equipment can be found at abandoned settlements or enemy camps.

Each enhancement will add bonus attributes to the equipment. Magical weapons will increase specific elemental damage, while melee weapons will increase specific physical damage. Rare weapons will have other attributes. The Guillotine, a giant war axe dropped by a boss, has +3 Cutting Protection at the second enhancement level. Critical hit damage will increase by 20% when it is completely enhanced.

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