Enshrouded: Beginner Tips & Tricks

The world of Enshrouded is a challenging place to navigate, especially when doing it alone but with these tips it doesn’t have to be.

Enshrouded tips

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There are a lot of things to do and mechanics to learn the Enshrouded, a co-op survival game. Being thrown into a new world with nothing to start with and new materials and mechanics unique to the game will slow anyone down.

Enshrouded is a huge game that will launch players into the world with nothing but the single objective of restoring the kingdom and the ratty cloth that can possibly pass as clothes if you squint hard enough. Having the experience of playing many survival games, I had a general knowledge of what needed to be done first before setting off to explore. There a definitely a few things I wish I had known going into the game.

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Build the Grappling Hook ASAP – You Can’t Climb

Enshrouded Grappling Hook
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If I had to choose one negative thing about the game, you can’t climb in Enshrouded, making navigating a giant open world difficult. The grappling hook is one of the many important tools players will need to make. Make sure to build that as soon as possible because you cannot wander very far without it. I could not start completing quests and getting better equipment without making the grappling hook first because one of the main areas was blocked off by a broken bridge and a giant gorge filled with toxic Shroud. However, players will be able to swing to the other side with the grappling hook.

A Free Weapon at the Beginning of Enshrouded

Enshrouded hidden room
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I’m lucky I decided to backtrack to the game’s starting area in search of metal scraps. I was able to locate a hidden area in the caves that I had to mine through a wall to get to it. As players enter the cave from the starting area, there will be stairs to the left. Go down the stairs and continue going straight instead of taking the ladder down. There will be an alcove with a lantern. There is the breakable wall and the room hidden behind it. Inside the room was a chest with a hatchet that was categorized as a weapon. This became a lifesaver while fighting off wolves and monsters in the Shroud to collect materials. Players must make a pickaxe first to get to it, but it’s worth the backtrack in the early game.

Read Everything

Enshrouded lore
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There are a lot of books and papers that players can find all over the world of Enshrouded. While reading them is great for the world-building and lore of the game, reading each one will grant XP, making leveling up just a bit faster. These will also trigger quests, some of which are important for progressing through the game. Many of these are left by Survivors, a small group of people left in a comatose state like the player character who will help craft and level up tools and weapons. Thankfully, Enshrouded’s reading materials aren’t hard to find as they will glow with an obvious red light.

The Shroud Will Kill You – Avoid the Red Shroud

Enshrouded red shroud
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The Shroud is a mysterious, toxic fog with monsters hidden within. The monsters are scary, but the Shroud itself is deceptively lethal. Players will have a time limit to how long they can be in the Shroud, which will increase the strength they get. However, there is a red version of the Shroud that means instant death when walking into it. I was unaware of this fact and learned the hard way that the Shroud timer would suddenly drop down to zero in a second, no matter how much time was left. And then I died, losing all of my hard-earned materials in the red Shroud of Doom.

Stay Well Rested to Keep Stamina Levels Up

Enshrouded Resting
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The amount of total stamina the player has will increase as their level increases. However, there is a limited amount of time when the character is rested. When the character is not rested, the total amount of stamina will temporarily decrease until the player goes back to camp to sleep or at least stand on their bed near a fire. The rested time will refresh after a short break. Make sure there is plenty of stamina because swinging around on the grappling hook will take a lot of stamina, especially when the game has you swinging around like Spiderman in one of the giant buildings.

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