How to Find Metal Scraps in Enshrouded

Metal scraps are important to progressing further and exploring the world of Enshrouded. Here is everything to know about finding them.

Enshrouded Flameborn

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Survival meets fantasy in the newest addition to the survival genre Enshrouded. There are many materials to gather and a giant map for players to get lost in while hunting materials down, making some more difficult to locate.

Enshrouded starts the players as a Flameborn, a being woken from a deep sleep in a post-apocalyptic world to rebuild the kingdom that was lost and eliminate the mysterious fog that has taken over. This fog is called the Shroud and contains all kinds of monsters and dangerous pants within. To rebuild, players will need a large amount of materials. One of the more important materials in Metal Scraps, paramount to the early game but not easy to locate.

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Where to Find Metal Scraps in Enshrouded

Enshrouded metal scraps
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Metal Scraps are found when breaking down metal cots inside abandoned tents. In the beginning area of the game, there are not many resources of metal available. Players will need to locate the metal cots for their metal scraps so they can build the grappling hook which requires the following.

  • 4x Metal Scraps
  • 7x String
  • 10x Shroud Spore

Once players can make the grappling hook, they can venture into new locations. Others are lurking out in the wild. There are human-like figures that seem to be mutated and carry metal scraps. Killing them will enable players to farm the material. They are often easy to locate as they will appear at run-down buildings or towns and will have camps of their own. Find a man-made structure and they will be nearby.

What are Metal Scraps Used For in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Metal Blocks
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Metal scraps are used for building armor, weapons, and tools in Enshrouded. Players can turn metal scraps into metal sheets with the use of the forge. The forge becomes available once players can locate and bring back Oswald Anders the Blacksmith. From there more recipes like the Rising Armor Set as well as better versions of the axe and pickaxe become available.

Metal Scraps unlock new building materials for the player’s base. The metal sheets can also be turned into metal blocks in Enshrouded. These can be made using the workbench. 1x Metal Sheet and 5x Wooden Logs will create 100x metal blocks. Farm enough metal scraps and you’ll be able to make an entire fortress out of metal in no time.

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