Enshrouded Complete Guide: Crafting, Building & Surviving the Shroud

Enshrouded is a colossal game that players will struggle every step of the way with if they don’t use a few guides.

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The world of Enshrouded is a desolate place that players will fear to explore at first. However, after learning the basics and putting together a few tools, players will feel more confident about fighting back against the evil slowly encroaching on their world.

When players first jump into Enshrouded, they become a Flameborn, one of the last embers of light in the world that’s all but been snuffed out by an eerie fog called the Shroud. From those first tentative steps, players must begin to craft their way to greatness and survive the harsh environments that they’ll need to explore deeper and deeper to create the best tools and weapons available. There are so many mechanics for players to master that it can seem daunting, which is why we’ve been busy putting together guides for all the game’s key aspects.

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Enshrouded Crafting & Resource Guides

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Below, we’ve listed every crafting and resource guide we’ve produced for Enshrouded. These include details on how to get specific resources, what they’re used for, and what players might want to consider working toward as a priority.

Enshrouded Gameplay & System Guides

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Here, we’ve outlined all of the guides we’ve produced that explain gameplay systems or other information about Enshrouded. This may help answer a few questions players have, such as when the game will come to consoles.

What Platforms is Enshrouded Available on?

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At the time of writing, Enshrouded is only available on PC via Steam early access. However, the developer, KeenToast, has shared on Twitter that it would like to bring the game to PS5 and Xbox alongside the full release. This will only happen when the game leaves early access.

What is Enshrouded?

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Enshrouded is a survival crafting game similar to LEGO Fortnite and Minecraft. Players start with nothing in a harsh world and must gather supplies to craft simple tools before getting to grips with the path that the game needs them to grind out. Over time, they’ll develop better and better technology so they can craft more complex tools and master new environments.

Where Enshrouded differs from some other games in the genre is with its bosses. There are various world bosses for players to overcome, and they don’t go down easy. It will take mastery over each level of technology to help players beat each boss and move on to the next one, slowly uncovering the game’s story as they go.

While the game is still in early access, more elements could be added over time. From what we’ve experienced, the game is already massive, but with even more areas and items to craft, it could easily become one of the best survival crafting titles in recent memory.