How to get Bitter Memories in Final Fantasy XIV

Time to get your weapons the cosmetic shine!

How to get Bitter Memories in Final Fantasy XIV

It’s been a decade since the launch of Final Fantasy XIV, and the game still boasts an active and consistent player base. Square Enix has been doing a good job in keeping the game updated, and the 5.35 Update added a plethora of new content in the game.

One of the major highlights of the update was the Resistance weapons upgrades. To give your weapons the new shine, you need to gather Bitter Memories. Here is how you can get Bitter Memories in Final Fantasy XIV.

Before you start looking for BItter Memories, you need to ensure that you have the Resistance weapons. Getting Resistance weapons is fairly easy. First of all, you need to do the Save the Queen questline and speak with Gerolt at Gangos after completing the quest.

Gerolt will guide you to Rowena and ask you to get the Thavnairian Scalepowder from her. Bring back the Scalepowder to Gerolt and he will forge the Resistance weapon for you. Once you have the Resistance weapon, you need to increase the weapon’s item level to 500. This can be done by completing the Where Eagles Nest quest. After that, head back to Gangos and speak to Gerolt to get some more quests. This should be done after finishing the Bozjan Southern Front quests.

One of the quests in Gerolt’s questline will be The Will to Resist, and that’s the quest that will award you with Bitter Memories. While the quest is active, just keep on completing level 60 dungeons until you get enough Bitter Memories. Keep in mind that this won’t work if you end the quest, that is, by handing over six Bitter Memories. So you need to farm as much as you can before completing the quest.

While you can farm Bitter Memories outside the quest from FATES in the Bozjan Southern Front, we would recommend doing it in The Will to Resist quest considering the drop rate from FATES is quite low.