How to get Chipset in Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy

Earn that rep.

Destiny 2

Chipsets are a very important resource in Season of the Worthy in Destiny 2. You will need them to level up your Seraph Bunkers. Seraph Bunkers are new features that have been added to the game specifically for the Season of the Worthy. They are parts of Rasputin’s network, and you will need to make them more powerful to help protect the Last City from the falling Almighty starship.

To level up the rank of your Seraph Bunkers, and get access to the higher tiered upgrades if can give you, you will need Chipsets. Chipsets can only be gotten by purchasing upgrades for your Bunker. Each upgrade you purchase will reward you with one Chipset, which you can then use to increase your reputation with the Bunker.

You will need Warmind Bits, along with Legendary Shards and Planetary Materials, to get the Bunker Upgrades, and you will need Chipsets to increase your reputation at the Bunker, and upgrade its Rank.

Warmind Bits can be earned from three main sources:

When a Bunker is fully upgraded, you can purchase a stack of seven Chipsets from it, but you cannot do that until you hit Rank 3 using the standard method. Chipsets are also specific to the Bunker you get them from, and at the moment it is not known if you can use Chipsets from one Bunker at any of the other Bunkers that will be coming to the game.