How to get Clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Perfect for making sculptures.

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All across the valley, you will find various crafting materials that you can use to make the furniture of your dreams. Disney Dreamlight Valley is filled with different crafting materials from different woods to ores and even gemstones. One of the more elusive crafting materials that you can find in the game is Clay. This material isn’t one of the most necessary, but it does come in handy during a few quests. Here is where you can find Clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to find Clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You probably won’t notice that Clay is even in the game until you discover the quest called ‘The Mysterious Wreck.’ During this quest, you are tasked with finding 25 Clay, but that isn’t the only time you will need Clay. Clay is mainly used to craft Bricks in the game. It takes five pieces of Clay to make Bricks. You can also use Clay to craft flower pots that you can put various flowers in.

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Clay can only be found in three different biomes, and each of these biomes will cost Dreamlight to access. These biomes are the Glade of Trust, Sunlit Plateau, and Forgotten Lands. The easiest of these biomes to gain access to is the Glade of Trust, which is located to the southeast of the Peaceful Meadow on the map. Accessing this area will cost only a few thousand Dreamlight compared to the other areas that cost 7,000 and 15,000.

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After you gain access to a biome that contains Clay, start digging next to any of the water sources in the area. Each time you dig with your shovel, you will have a chance of getting a small amount of Clay. Make sure to bring a resident with you that is assigned to the digging role since they will be able to get you extra Clay and make the process go a lot faster.