How to get climbing gear in Temtem

You’ll be able to shave time of your traveling with some climbing gear.


As you play through Temtem, you will eventually find a cliff face that looks suspiciously climbable. Just outside Brical de Mar, you will find an NPC who tells you that climbing is a great way to get around. Climbing sounds like a pretty swell way to save some time, allowing you to quickly travel up and down the mountains without all those random encounters with various Temtem.

So, can you climb walls in Temtem? Eventually, yes, you will be able to climb cliffs and walls, cutting down the journey times between different areas. At the moment, in the early access version of the game, you cannot. As a feature, it is isn’t in the game yet, and we don’t even know which island you might get the gear from. We can assume it is not the first three islands, or else the feature should be live in the game.

We will update this guide as soon as climbing is added, with details on how to get the gear you will need.

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