How To Get Custom Player Heads In Minecraft 1.20

Minecraft customization doesn’t stop with just skins. Learn more about how you can up your customization game in Minecraft 1.20 with custom player heads.

Minecraft Skull Head

Image by Mojang

Minecraft reigns supreme when it comes to customization. Across all versions, you have the freedom to upload virtually any skin you desire, transforming your character into anyone you can imagine – whether it’s Markiplier or a wizard version of Steve.

If those customization features aren’t enough to satisfy players’ needs, there are also heads to consider. With a quick command, you can upgrade your character’s head to something new. For those with original Minecraft characters, this can be useful for swiftly changing from one form of a character to another, not needing to exchange entire skins to switch characters out. This quick guide explains how you can get custom player heads in Minecraft.

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How To Get Custom Heads in Minecraft

Minecraft Custom Head Example
Image by Mojang

Getting custom heads in Minecraft is relatively easy, requiring only one website and the base game to work correctly. A quick visit to Minecraft Heads will present you with all the custom heads you could ever want, with characters ranging from Freddy Fazbear to Iron Man at your disposal for quick use.

Once you have the website loaded up and once you learn which heads you want in the game, open up Minecraft and follow the following instructions:

  1. Go to Minecraft Heads website and click once on the head you want.
  2.  When you click, the website automatically copies the text required to get the head to your clipboard. If not, click on the head again, and Minecraft Heads will display the given codes for the custom head. Select the Give Code and copy all text for it to your clipboard.
  3.  Open Minecraft and create a Command Block using the following command: /give @p Minecraft:command_block 1
  4.  Once you’ve created your Command Block, use the Command Block by right-clicking it and inserting your copied code from Minecraft Heads.
  5.  After you insert the code, you’ll have the heads in your inventory to use however you see fit.

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You can get other codes from Minecraft Heads, including armor sets with the head oriented on them or the ability to set blocks in a specific area. Remember that the code area for different heads has two sections: one with codes that work for Minecraft 1.13 and beyond and codes that only work for Minecraft 1.8-1.12. Keep your version in mind when you copy these codes from one place to the other.