How to get Dark Ether Cane in Destiny 2 – Dawning 2020

Ripe for the taking.

Destiny 2

Dark Ether Cane is one of the many ingredients that you will need to get in The Dawning 2020 if you want to make all those lovely cookies and treats for all the characters in the game.

To get Dark Ether Cane, you will need to kill Scorn enemies. You can do this with any weapon, or energy type, so it might make sense to farm for other ingredients at the same time. You can find Scorn on the Tangled Shore, and at the Dreaming City.

We found the best place to go was the Rift Generator public event, as this seemed to generate a huge amount of different ingredients for us. You can also try the Scorn public event at Two Horned Gulch on the Tangled Shore. You pretty much want any area that a lot of Scorn are going to spawn in a short amount of time, allowing you to really farm up all those kills.

Dark Ether Cane is not a guaranteed drop, so you may need to kill quite a few Scorn to get some. If you need help get any other ingredients for the Dawning 2020, you can find a full list of them here.