How to get Detonite Injector in Warframe

At least you have options.


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Detonite Injectors in Warframe are used to create weapons from the Chem Lab in your Clan Dojo. There are many ways to get them in the game. 

  • Single-use blueprints from the Chem Lab in the Clan Dojo. They cost 15000 Credits
  • As rewards from Infested Invasion missions
  • As Bounty rewards on Orb Vallis

Chem Lab

You can purchase blueprints for Detonite Injectors from the Bio Lab in the Clan Dojo, as long as the Clan has researched the item.

Research Requirements

It takes 72 hours after all resources have been collected to research the Detonite Injectors.

The above values are affected by multipliers, depending on the size of the Clan

  • Ghost x 1
  • Shadow x 3
  • Storm x 10
  • Mountain x 30
  • Moon x 100

Manufacturing Requirements

Once you have the blueprints, you can build Detonite Ampules in your Foundry with the below resources:

Infested Invasions

You can easily find Invasion Missions by using your Navigator. Just select it from the menu or module in your ship, then have a look in the top left at the row of icons. You will see a small fist icon, click on this to see a list of currently active Invasion Missions. You can click on any of the missions on the list, and it will bring you directly to the relevant planet. The missions will be marked on the Star Map by the same fist icon.

The list will show you where the mission is located, which of the factions is involved, and what percentage of control each faction exerts in the area. When the percentage reaches 100%, that faction is deemed to have won.

The factions will offer you different rewards to help them, and you need to complete the mission three times on the same node to get your reward. The reward is then sent to your inbox when the Invasion is complete. Rewards, or Battle Pay, can consist of things like blueprints, or parts for the Wraith and Vandal weapon variants. The only time you don’t need to pick a side is if the Invasion involves the Infested because they are always your enemy.

As long as there is an Infect Invasion active, you can check the available missions to see if any of them reward Detonite Injectors upon completion.

Orb Vallis Bounties

If you visit Fortuna and speak to Eudico near the gates to Orb Vallis, you can collect Bounties from her, which will sometimes offer Mutagen Mass as a stage reward. There is no guarantee that the Detonite Injector will drop, and you may need to grind the Bounties several times to get the rewards you want.