Warframe – How To Farm Plastids (2021)

Plastid surgery.


Plastids are a resource in Warframe that are used in the building off quite a few weapons and Warframes. In the early game, when you are constantly getting new weapons blueprints, Warframe parts, and gear blueprints, you will need quite a lot of Plastids.

In this guide, we will run through the best place to farm them and how to do so efficiently.

Warframe – How To Farm Plastids

Plastids can be farmed on Saturn, Uranus, Phobos, Pluto, and Eris. My preferred farm from them is at Piscinas on Saturn. This is a Dark Sector Survival mission with a +20% Resource Drop Chance.

It is also a Survival mission against the Infested. These are some of the easiest missions for long farming sessions. You can find a spot on the map with one entrance, then stay there and all the Infested will come to you. Running a team with a Nekros will allow you to use his Desecrate ability to re-roll the loot tables of dead enemies, increasing the number of Plastids you will get. You can also run Warframes like Hydroid with Pilfering Swarm, or Khora with Pilfering Stangledome to increase your loot drops. It is a good idea to have one person bring a stealth Frame so that they can leave the room you use a base and get the life support capsules without dragging away any enemies.

For these missions, it is a good idea to farm for as long as possible. Every five-minute rotation will give you an improved percentage chance buff, and some of these affect resource drops. Plastids also have a good chance of dropping from lockers and containers, so make sure you open everything you find.

Plastid drops are also affected by resource boosters that you can buy from the market place. It can be a great idea to pick up a three-day booster to increase the drop rate of resources, and a three-day booster to increase the number of resources you collect by two. Then dedicate a weekend to doing any farming that you need to do. Finally, if you have a Smeeta Kavat, its Charm ability will increase the number of Plastids that you collect.