How to get Ectoplasm in Wytchwood

It’s time to bust some ghosts.

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Whenever you’re dealing with the undead in Wytchwood, there’s a good chance you’ll need to track down some Ghostly Ectoplasm. Maybe you’re looking to fuel the Gravekeeper’s Ghost Lamp, or maybe you’re crafting a Haunted Mannequin. Either way, you’ll need some Ectoplasm to get the job done. So how do you get it?

A quick look at the Grimoire shows us what area to check for each ingredient, and in the case of Ghostly Ectoplasm, we need to be searching the Graveyard. Though there are a few different types of undead roaming the area that seem like good candidates to be carrying Ectoplasm, only the Antlered Ghosts will actually drop any.

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Unlike a few of the other creatures around the Graveyard, these Ghosts aren’t aggressive, so don’t worry about getting too close to them. Using the Witch Eye Sense reveals what we need to dispatch the Antlered Ghosts: an Exorcism Charm. Conveniently, the components required to craft an Exorcism Charm should be easy enough to acquire. Both the Bat Wing and the Black Rose can be found in the Graveyard, along with the Wickerwork is a simple bundle of twigs that you’ve likely crafted about a hundred times by now.

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Once you have your Exorcism Charm crafted and equipped, all you need to do is get close to an Antlered Ghost and use the Charm on them. At this point, the Ghost will explode and drop a few different ingredients, one of which should be some Ghostly Ectoplasm.