How to get Etemon in Digimon Survive

Get down to monkey business.

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Etemon is useful to recruit during Digimon Survive’s middle game for their use as a Defense type monster that will excel in most (but not all) situations. Etemon’s maximum HP is, naturally, relatively high, which pairs with modest but not-too-bad movement. The main tool in Etemon’s kit is the Muscle Monkey Suit passive, which reduces incoming damage. The big caveat is Etemon’s extremely high weakness to Dark damage, which may become a problem as you approach the late game.

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How to befriend Etemon

To befriend Etemon, you need to succeed in negotiation with one during a battle. We found Etemon as early as Part 6 at the Free Battle location in the Second Island Area, though they should also show up more reliably in later parts of the game. Your goal during negotiation is to answer in a way that helps Etemon sympathize with you, and in general, these answers tend to involve a good deal of flattery. If you don’t want to worry about any guesswork, though, the best answer to each possible question is listed below.

QuestionBest answer
Hey now! Got time to hear me sing?You can sing? Wow!
Hey now, you don’t think you can beat little ole me, do ya?What? Not a chance.
I’ll teach you how to walk a mile in my shoes. Ya dig?Yes, pretty please!
Man, something’s buggin’ me real bad. Can you guess what it is?Your crazy strength?
Well ain’t you cute! I wanna eat you up!What a cool ‘mon!
Wanna know the secret to this bangin’ bod?Let’s keep it secret.
What number are you?One!

Once you’ve successfully answered enough questions, you’ll have the option of asking for items or befriending Etemon. Although the latter options come with a risk of failure (especially during Part 6), trying again later in the game should yield better odds.