How to get Faire Vouchers for The Moonfire Faire 2021 in Final Fantasy XIV Online

A cool event.

The Moonfire Faire 2021 event in Final Fantasy XIV is full of fun in the sun, where you’ll be able to earn a Polar Bear mount for completing the various seasonal quests available for participating. Once you’ve completed all of the quests, the Moonfire Faire vendor unlocks, giving you access to several smaller prizes that you can acquire by turning in Faire Vouchers. This guide details how to earn Faire Vouchers and the items you receive from the Moonfire Faire vendor.

The only way to earn Faire Vouches is to complete the Fate A Blizzard of Bombards, which features you and everyone in the area eliminating an Ice Bombard. When you level sync to the Fate, you’ll adjust down to level 35, and you’ll only be able to use the abilities available to you at that class level. The Ice Bombard will spawn on the southwest portion of the island where The Moonfire Faire festival is happening. Therefore, you want to make sure you level sync to the area or not participate in the event.

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Once the Ice Bombard falls, you’ll earn 15 Faire Vouchers for participating. You can take those back to the Moonfire Faire Vendor, standing next to Haermaga behind the food bar.

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The A Blizzard of Bombard’s fate appears to be the only way to earn Faire Vouchers, but the fate spawns reasonably often. All you have to do is standard around where the most people are located and wait for the creature to spawn. After that, it shouldn’t be too long before it’s defeated.

These are all of the items you can receive from the Moonfire Faire Vendor.

  • Moonfire Mask Stall: 5 Faire Vouchers
  • Grilled Corn: 5 Faire Vouchers
  • Costa del Hielo: 5 Faire Vouchers
  • Storm Tracer: 1 Faire Voucher
  • Flame Tracer: 1 Faire Voucher
  • Serpent Tracer: 1 Faire Voucher
  • Lominsan Sparkler: 1 Faire Voucher
  • Gridanian Sparkler: 1 Faire Voucher
  • Ul’dahn Sparkler: 1 Faire Voucher
  • Bombard Bloom: 1 Faire Voucher
  • Pinwheel: 1 Faire Voucher

The event will be from August 13 to 26.