How to get free pets in Roblox Adopt Me

Sometimes it’s okay to be a crazy cat lady.

With Adopt Me being centered around responsibilities, it asks a lot of you before ever being rewarded. To avoid this sort of adulting, at least in the game, some loopholes can earn you certain objects for free. This even pertains to pets, but netting even the most common pet for no charge does take some patience.

Before going any further, it should be noted that there are no cheat codes or hacks that’ll instantly grant you eggs for pets. Most of the obtainable eggs, aside from event eggs, will cost you money in the Nursery. Though, that doesn’t mean cash is hard to come by.

Earning pets through paychecks

As you continue playing, you may notice that you see your bank account rise for no reason. This is due to you being active in Adopt Me for a period of time. With every 20 minutes that pass, players will earn a paycheck of $20. Thus, you can hypothetically afford any hatch-able egg without having to buy Robux by simply having the game open for a few hours

Obtaining pets through objectives

Once you play for about 10 minutes, you’ll notice there are various missions in the top center of the screen. The blue missions are shorter and give you $7 for completing each, with orange missions being just a bit longer of a haul but will reward you at least $10. Doing these for an hour or two will save you the hassle of spending any actual dollars.

Logging in at certain times

There are two different types of events that will gift you with either an already hatched pet or a rare egg. The first usually comes around on holidays like Christmas, Halloween, and Easter. When you log in around these times, Adopt Me will immediately let you know where and how to collect your free egg.

The second type of event is solely based on if you play every day. If you play 30 days in a row, no matter how long each session is, the game will give you a free Cracked Egg. Unlike typical pet eggs, the Cracked Egg has a greater chance of hatching a common pet.

If you find yourself with thousands of dollars due to these methods, we advise you to take the risk of buying a Royal Egg. Even if it takes some time to hatch, you will have a 30% chance of it being an ultra-rare pet and an 8% chance of it being legendary.