How to get free pets in Roblox Adopt Me

Build up your pet collection without spending Robux.

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If you ever step into the Pet Shop in Roblox’s Adopt Me, you will discover that every pet available can only be purchased with Robux. Although this may be disappointing for those who don’t want to spend real money on animals, the life simulator does have a handful of ways to earn pets and eggs that can lead to special companions. This can be done by completing particular objectives or logging in at certain times. Here’s how you can pets at no cost in Adopt Me.

Hatch your Starter Egg

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After 10 minutes of playing, you can open your backpack to find a Starter Egg that needs to be hatched. You can only break open the egg by completing its objectives, such as bringing the egg to a playground, having it rest at your home or at the Nursery, and putting it in a shower. Once these are done, you should have yourself a free cat or dog.

Earn money toward eggs

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The most common method of obtaining free animals is gaining cash and spending it on one of the Nursery’s pet eggs. As shown above, in-game currency can be earned by completing the challenges that are set in the top center of your screen. Objectives highlighted in blue typically lead to an $8 reward, while those in orange can grant as much as $15.

However, we also recommend heading to the pizzeria located to the left of the main hub’s entrance in order to become a waiter or chef and earn small amounts of money every 15 minutes. No matter how you make cash, your hard work will be quite fruitful. The Nursery sells eggs ranging from $350 to $1,450, and there is no limit on how many you can buy.

Partake in seasonal events

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If hatching eggs seems like too much of a hassle, then you may be best off participating in Adopt Me’s special events. The game is known to release updates before major holidays, such as Easter and Christmas, and they come packaged with unique mini-games that lead to free pets. These updates typically offer the chance to unlock 10 free pets at a time and lootboxes that give you up to three other pets.

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Collect Stars and claim pets

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You may even have a free pet unlocked and may not even know it. This is because Adopt Me rewards players one Star each day they play, and those who collect enough Stars can claim a wide variety of free clothes, accessories, and pets. You can see how many Stars you have amassed by clicking on the Star icon set in the bottom-right corner of the menu. From there, you can obtain a Ginger Cat with 210 Stars, a Toucan with 400 Stars, and a Golden Egg with 660 Stars. The game will even surprise you with a free Cracked Egg once you have gathered just 30 Stars.