How to get Froggy Chair in Animal Crossing New Horizons’ 2.0.0 Update

It’s back.

Screenshot via Nintendo YouTube

All game franchises have items or characters of legend that fans love more than any other, and in Animal Crossing that is the Froggy Chair. While many folks will simply see a chair with a frog design, Animal Crossing veterans will see an old friend that has been offering support for many years.

The Froggy Chair is now available in Animal Crossing Horizons, the star of the 2.0.0 update. The chair should be able to be gotten from Tom Nook if you go and visit his store on your island. Just head for the vendor and interact with it to bring up a full list of available items, and you can find the Froggy Chair there.

You will need some Bells to buy it, so if it has been a while since you played the game, you might need to farm some Bells real quick. They are not really very difficult to get, especially the amount that you need to purchase the item. The other alternative is that it will be a DIY recipe, and those can be found all around the island as you play the game. Some players have reported that villagers have given them Foggy Chair as a gift, and others have been able to purchase it from Redd.

Froggy Chair is not the only new introduction with this substantial update. The Custom Designs Plus app will allow players to use and create patterns and connect with the app directly from their phones. The update also introduces a variety of new reactions to Animal Crossing New Horizons that players can get their hands on as well.