How to get Frosting in Pokémon Unite’s Anniversary Cake Challenge

It’s time to celebrate Pokémon Unite.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Unite’s Anniversary vent has arrived. For a limited time, you can earn several rewards for logging into the game, playing through Unite matches alongside friends, and trying out the various modes available. The big event will be the Anniversary Cake Challenge, where you will need to earn Frosting and build up a magnificent cake to celebrate Pokémon Go. Here’s what you need to do to earn Frosting in Pokémon Unite’s Anniversary Cake Challenge.

How to get more Frosting in Pokémon Unite

You can find Frosting underneath the Anniversary Cake Challenge. You must head to the events menu and select the Featured Events tab. There, you should see the Anniversary Cake Challenge and the Icy Glaceon Challenge, where you can unlock Glaceon if you participate in the daily challenges. These two events are similar in that they will require you to play the game daily while it is available.

When you reach the Anniversary Plaza page, there will be a large cake at the center of the screen where you can review your progress. Click on the Anniversary Cake Challenge, and you will see your cake’s progress and how much Frosting you’ve earned so far.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can see the rewards on the right side of the bar and how much Frosting you need to acquire on the left. You must visit this page often to redeem your Frosting, watch your cake grow, and receive rewards. To claim the Frosting you’ve earned, return to the Anniversary Plaza page and go to the right underneath the Anniversary Present tab, where you will see the Anniversary Present, Daily Missions, and the Team Up and Rank Up! tabs.

Screenshot by Gamepur

These tabs feature challenges and things for you to work on during Pokémon Unite’s Anniversary Event. The Anniversary Present can be redeemed once a day for prizes. The Daily Missions are the tasks you need to complete to earn Frosting, along with other smaller rewards, such as Aeos Tickets and Item Enhancers. Finally, the Team Up and Rank Up! page are the Ranked Matches you can complete to earn Frosting. You will receive 50 frosting for every match played. Unlike the others, this tab refreshes once a week.

You need to visit these locations to earn Frosting in Pokémon Unite’s Anniversary Celebration. Check back daily to see what you need to work on to achieve Frosting for your cake.