How to get Gold Chocobo Feathers in Final Fantasy XIV Online

A rare Chocobo feather only shared with friends.

If you’re looking to receive items from the Calamity Salvagers in Final Fantasy XIV, you’re going to need Gold Chocobo Feathers. These incredibly rare feathers do not drop in the open world, and they do not come from a dungeon or raid that you can run with your free company. This guide details how to acquire Gold Chocobo Feathers and where you go to turn them in for the Calamity Salvagers.

The only way to acquire a Gold Chocobo Feather is through the Recruit a Friend campaign. The Recruit a Friend campaign has you submitting that a friend joined Final Fantasy XIV because of you, netting you five Gold Chocobo Feathers for each friend, up to five, that you recruit. Next, you’ll have to submit which friends joined Final Fantasy XIV because of you through the Recruit a Friend campaign website. You’ll then be sent to the Mog Station website.

Once you arrive at Mog Station, go down to the “Recruit a Friend” tab, and you’ll receive your Recruitment Code. The friend that joins Final Fantasy XIV will need to use that code to link to your account. You receive rewards based on how many days they subscribe and how many days they stay subscribed to the game. Any bonus item you receive through the program can only be redeemed on one character.

The more friends you recruit, the more Gold Chocobo Feathers you can earn for having them join and remain a part of the Final Fantasy XIV community. When you’re ready to turn in your feathers, you want to head to the Ul’dah – Steps of Thal, Limsa Lomins Upper Decks, or Old Grdania to speak with the Calamity Salvagers. You can find them