How to get golden guns in Overwatch 2

Ooh, glittering prizes!

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 players love to look as flashy and shiny as possible while in a match. Most of the time, that is through their Legendary or Mythic skins, but you can also demand some attention by using golden guns. If you are new to the game, you are probably wondering how so many returning players have a plethora of these golden weapons. Here is how to get golden guns in Overwatch 2.

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How to unlock golden weapons in Overwatch 2

Unlocking golden guns in Overwatch 2 is pretty simple and straightforward. There is no need to get a certain amount of eliminations or other stats with that hero. Instead, you just need to accumulate 3,000 Competitive Points and purchase the golden weapon under your hero in the Hero Gallery.

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After you purchase the weapon, you can equip it or move it back to the default view whenever you want. Also, each Legendary skin that changes the hero’s gun appearance will have a golden look that will be automatically applied.

The way to get Competitive Points is to play Competitive matches, complete Competitive Challenges, and your final placement at the end of the season in each skill tier can vary how much you get. This includes all three roles in Role Queue and the one in Open Queue. The higher you get on the Competitive ladder with each competitive rating, the more points you earn at the end of the season.

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Given that the golden weapons are just a cosmetic change, we wouldn’t really recommend worrying too much about acquiring Competitive Points. If you just play Competitive quite a bit, they will accumulate over time, and you can spend them on your favorite heroes. Golden guns are not really a measure of someone’s skill in the game. Instead, they show how much time you have put into Competitive and who your favorite heroes are.