How To Get Guide To Freedom In Genshin Impact (& How To Use It)

Looking to farm Guides to Freedom in Genshin Impact? Here’s how to get them and what they do for you while playing.

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There is a frankly absurd number of upgrade materials in Genshin Impact, and the Guide to Freedom is one of the more important for the characters that use it.

It’s also not particularly difficult to get your hands on, provided you have a team that can take advantage of specific elemental reactions and has solid synergy. We’ll go over what you need to know about how to get Guide to Freedom and how to use it in this guide.

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Where to Get Guide to Freedom and How to Use It in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Guide to Freedom Location
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The Guide to Freedom upgrade material is only available from the Forsaken Rift Domain directly south of Mondstadt. You can only farm it on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday. The material Domains provide rotates daily, except Sundays, when every Domain can award any of its available materials.

Genshin Impact Guide to Freedom enemies
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As for actually getting Guide to Freedom, you’ll want Pyro and Electro characters. The enemies within the Domain are primarily Cryo-focused, with the majority being Cryo Slimes and Cryo Abyss Mages, with the tier II version throwing in a Hilichurl Fighter for good measure.

Genshin Impact Guide to Freedom
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The level 71 and 88 instances of Forsaken Rift also add a modifier to the Domain: Condensed Ice. Every twenty seconds or so, a field of Cryo energy will erupt, vastly increasing your Stamina consumption. Pyro elemental reactions focused on your character will remove the debuff. If your primary DPS relies on Charged Attacks, make sure you remove the debuff as soon as you can.

Provided you can defeat all the enemies within the time limit, you’ll get your hands on a few Guides to Freedom. The following characters use the item to upgrade their talents:

  • Tartaglia (Childe)
  • Klee
  • Traveler (Geo and Anemo)
  • Sucrose
  • Amber
  • Barbara
  • Diona
  • Aloy

The higher your character’s level and upgrade phase, the more Guides to Freedom you’ll need to improve their Talents. With high-level talents being so much more important than pure character level for damage output, you’ll need as many Guides as you can get your hands on. At the highest Talent levels, you’ll also need to craft Philosophies of Freedom, the four-star version of the Guides. It takes three two-star Guides to Freedom to craft one three-star, and so on. If you have any Condensed Resin and are in desperate need of additional upgrade materials, use that Resin liberally.