How to get Gun Master medal in Call of Duty: Mobile

Unlock the Javier Salazar character by earning Gun Master medal.

COD Mobile

Image via Activison

Like every other Call of Duty game, Call of Duty: Mobile rewards its players with medals for completing various missions. These medals are displayed in the player’s profile section. There are currently 86 medals in the game, out of which 43 can be earned in a Multiplayer mode, and 27 can be earned in Battle Royale mode. 

Gun Master medal in COD Mobile

To earn a Gun Master medal, you need to secure more than eight kills in a single game of Battle Royale mode. But make sure you don’t play the Warfare mode as this mode is excluded for the Gun Master medal, and the kills secured in this mode will not be taken into account. You can try playing the Alcatraz map to secure more kills as it is a small-sized map, and you can also respawn multiple times.

As Seasonal Event is ongoing, earning a Gun Master medal will immediately reward you with 15 Weapon XP Cards and 6000 Battle Pass XP. It is also listed as one of the missions to unlock a new character called Javier Salazar.