How to get into the basketball hall of fame in BitLife

The best of the best in basketball.

Image via Candywriter

The greatest honor you can receive as a basketball player in BitLife is being inducted into the hall of fame. The greatest players who have ever dribbled a basketball are featured there, and your character has the chance also to place their name up there. Of course, you’ll need to work pretty hard and become one of the best basketball players in the sport to reach it. This guide details how you can get your character inducted into the basketball hall of fame.

As a basketball player, your character will have the option to train and practice each year before you age up. You want to make sure you choose these options, and you work on every skill your character can improve on, at least. You don’t want to do it multiple times as we’ve found the skill doesn’t stack. Instead, spread out the skills and training your character to make sure they’re doing multiple things.

During your character’s career, you’ll need to win a basketball championship. You’ll be able to do this by having high skills and being on a good team. We recommend a team in one of the top three slots if you can land a contract with them.

With enough practice, skill, and talent, your character’s greatness will be slowly going up throughout their career. When your character’s greatness bar reaches at least 90%, at random, they’re going to receive an MVP award at some in their career. You want to earn several rewards and prizes throughout your character’s basketball career, and with a championship or two won, your character can retire when they reach 40 years old.

After this, you’ll need to wait several years before the hall of fame contacts your character about being inducted into it. We had to wait five years for this to happen.