How to get Iron Ingots in Final Fantasy XIV Online

Pick up this useful crafting ingredient.

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There are numerous crafting materials you’re going to need in Final Fantasy XIV Online when you’re working your way up through many of the Disciple of Hand classes. Iron ingots are going to be an essential one you want to become familiar with. There are two ways you can obtain it. You can choose to pick it up from other crafters or purchase it from specific locations.

How to craft Iron Ingots

When you’re looking to have Iron Ingots crafted for you, you’ll want to speak with a Blacksmith or an Armorer. The Blacksmith will craft one at level 16, whereas the Armorer can craft some for you at level 13. Of the two, the Blacksmith has a higher chance of reaching the best quality at 866, where the Armorer can only reach 726 quality. Although, their crafting recipes for Iron Ingots are roughly the same.

These are the crafting recipes for Iron Ingots as a Blacksmith and as an Armorer.

  • Blacksmith
    • 3 Iron Ore
    • 1 Fire Shard
  • Armorer
    • 3 Iron Ore
    • 1 Ice Shard

Both classes will need iron ore, but the Blacksmith needs a Fire Shard, and the Armorer needs an Ice Shard. You can gather Fire Shards from Western and Eastern Thanalan and Middle La Noscea. They also drop from Fire Spirtes and Firemanes. Ice Shards can be found in the Central and South Shrouds, Western La Noscea, and Coerthas Central Highlands. They also drop from Corrupted Sprites and numerous Duties.

Where to buy Iron Ingots

For those who prefer to purchase Iron Ingots using Gil directly, you can speak with the Amalj’aa Vendor in Southern Thanalan at (X:23.3, Y:14.1), the Material Supplier in Lavender Beds at (X:11.9, Y:8.3), Mist at (X:11, Y:11.4), Shirogane at (X:10.5, Y:12.1), or The Goblet at (X:10.9, Y:8.9). You can also purchase Iron Ingots from the Amalj’aa Vendor for one Steel Amalj’ok.