Where To Find Star Wars Lightsabers In Fortnite

The Stars Wars event is live in Fortnite, including new challenges. One challenge requires you to do damage with a Lightsaber, while another needs you to block damage with a Lightsaber. To do either one, you need to get your hands on a glowing, space sword.

Star Wars Crate Fortnite

Lightsabers in Fortnite are Mythic items, and they will only drop from special Star Wars chests that are currently scattered throughout the game. When you find a Star Wars chest, it will drop four different Lightsabers, all with different colors and designs. You can find red, green, blue, and purple Lightsabers. It means that four players can grab Lightsabers from the same chest and have some epic battles.

To attack with the Lightsaber, just hit the fire button, and to block, you need to hit the aim-down-sight button. The Lightsaber will prevent all incoming damage, as long as you are facing the right direction. Hitting the fire button three times will perform a combination strike, ending in a flourishing spin attack.

The Lightsaber is very powerful and will bring down a full shielded enemy in a single combination. It will break through most walls in two strikes. When you have it equipped, be mindful that the bright glow will make you very easy to spot, and you cannot move quickly while guarding.

And that’s it; the Lightsabers seem to be pretty standard in the game. I have found them in every match I have played since the challenges went live, so you should have too much issue tracking one down.