Which Terrarium Biome Should You Start With in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Indigo Disk DLC

In the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Indigo Disk DLC, Lacey asks which Terarium biome you want to explore first, but which should you choose?

Coastal Overlook Terarium Indigo Disk

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Early on in the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Indigo Disk DLC, players are asked which of the four Terrarium biomes they want to explore first. This may lead you to wonder if your Blueberry Experience will be impacted depending on which you pick.

The friendly new NPC Lacey takes you to the Terrarium on your Blueberry Academy tour and she’s a refreshing change from Carmine in that she takes the time to ask what you want. The Terrarium has four different biomes created by the super secret technology there, and Lacey asks you which of these four biomes you want to explore first. But which should you pick?

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What is the Terarium in Indigo Disk?

Terarium Overview in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The Indigo Disk
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The Terrarium is the first location you visit after a quick introductory battle at Blueberry Academy. This space is underwater like most of the Academy, but has special technology that recreates different environments so that all kinds of Pokemon can thrive there.

Thanks to a mysterious orb that isn’t really explained but seems likely to come up again later, Pokemon in this area are also able to Terastallized, something previously unique to Paldea. You access the Terrarium through the front gates at Blueberry Academy as part of your tour with Lacey.

Which Terarium Biome Should You Explore First in The Indigo Disk DLC?

A Player's Selfie in the coastal biome of the Indigo Disk's Terarium
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There are four biomes to pick from in the Terrarium, but the storyline doesn’t change depending on which you pick. Different Pokemon appear in each area thanks to its climate, so it’s still useful to know what the options are for your later exploration and Shiny hunting purposes. The biomes are:

  • Subtropical Savanna Biome
  • Tropical Coastal Biome
  • Craggy Canyon Biome
  • Snowy Polar Biome

Regardless of which biome you tell Lacey you want to explore, you will wind up heading to class in the Coastal Biome. I happened to want to explore this one first anyway so I got lucky, but other gamers confirmed that no matter what you tell Lacey, you’re headed for the coast.

So, it seems like this question is more of a way for this new NPC to get to know you than anything serious that will alter your path at Blueberry Academy. Feel free to pick whichever floats your boat, then get ready to explore the Coastal Biome if you’re trying to progress the plot.

How to Upgrade Terrarium Biomes in Pokemon S&V’s The Indigo Disk

It may not matter what you tell Lacey is your favorite Biome, but you’ll still be let loose in the Blueberry Academy’s Terrarium and ready to explore pretty quickly. And as you explore everything The Indigo Disk has to offer, you’ll quickly discover that you can upgrade the Terrarium Biomes to include new wild Pokemon. These Terrarium upgrade Pokemon are the wild starter Pokemon that were promised in the promotional material for The Indigo Disk.

To access all the Terrarium upgrades, you’ll need to progress a little ways into the DLC, just enough to meet up with Carmine and gain access to the League Club Room. Once in the League Club Room, you can use the PC and check the Support Board for various requests that require BP donations. The Terrarium Biome upgrades will be four separate requests by the Terrarium Club, each asking for a 3,000 BP donation to boost Biodiversity.

Each Terarium Biome upgrade will add its own distinct set of wild starter Pokemon:

Terarium BiomePokemon Added
SavannaCharmander, Totodile, Fennekin, Rowlet, Snivy, Sobble
CoastalBulbasaur, Chikorita, Froakie, Grookey, Mudkip, Popplio
CanyonSquirtle, Tepig, Treecko, Turtwig, Litten, Chespin
PolarCyndaquill, Torchic, Chimchar, Oshawott, Piplup, Scorbunny, Chespin

If you want to upgrade all Terarium Biomes and catch every starter Pokemon, you’ll need to save up and donate a total of 12,000 BP. You can accumulate BP by completing BBQs (Blueberry Quests), but 12,000 BP is a lot of BP, and you’ll likely be saving up for a while. So, make sure to start that grind early.