How to get more energy in Blox Fruits

Maximize your gameplay with more energy and Faster leveling up!

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Energy is crucial in performing various actions in Blox Fruits, such as using moves, dodging, and air jumps. You start with 100 energy, and the current energy level is indicated in the blue bar under the health bar. Sometimes, you might run out of energy in the middle of combat and wonder how to increase it. This guide will tell you how to get more energy points in Blox Fruits.

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How to increase your energy in Blox Fruits

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The only way to get more energy in Blox Fruits is by adding points to the Melee stat. You can do that by clicking the menu option on the left side of your screen, which will bring the stats options. Here you can simply add points to melee by clicking the plus button. If you want to bulk points to melee, you can write the number of points you want to add in the top right and then click the plus button.

Each point to melee gives you five energy, which is not a lot, but considering that the max cap is level 2450, it makes sense. The max energy points you can get is 12,345 without any accessories, which is enough to never run out in any situation, at least in our experience. If you are unaware of how to get stat points, it’s by leveling up.

How to level up fast in Blox Fruits

You can do many things to level up in Blox Fruits, but the best is completing quests. Each island in the game has an NPC that gives you quests. These quests require you to kill a certain number of specific enemies and then reward you with money and XP to level up. If you only kill enemies, you get XP points, but quests make it better by doing the same things since you get double rewards and can do these quests repetitively.