How to get Mosaic tiles in Merge Mansion

Get started on those water features.

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The mobile game Merge Mansion has captivated players with a calming story that tasks players to progressively clean up and fix a sprawling mansion. Players need to merge various items found in the garage to make tools and materials for cleaning the manor — the Mosaic tiles are one such material that players need to discover.

Mosaic tiles are useful, and necessary, once players start reaching the various pools and fountains of the estate. Players seeking these tiles will first need to find vases, a level one material introduced mid-game. Players should be forewarned regarding the merge chase of Mosaics, in that it can begin to fill the merge container quickly due to a total of three unique merge chains stemming from the singular item. Players should ensure that unnecessary items are removed from the garage prior to beginning this merge.

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How to use vases in Merge Mansion

When players receive the Vases, they will notice a lightning bolt that flashes on the vase — this implies that the material is actionable, by tapping the material. Two items will appear per vase: a cloth pouch, and ‘shrapnel’ which is a level 0 material.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Creating Mosaics with vase shrapnel

Combining the shrapnel from the broken vases will turn them into the first level of the mosaic tree, with a maximum level of 12 for Mosaic XII, which is an ornate vase. The merge chain sequence for the Mosaic creates additional XP stars from the fifth level and above. Players should be cautious about the possibility of over-merging Mosaics and bypassing the necessary Mosaic level for their current task.

The second drop from a vase is a pouch — this material is the first level for the family locket chain, offering a total of five levels with the pouch being level one. Completing the locket merge chain will offer one XP star and 7 Love Story, resulting in a unique merge chain of its own after tapping the Locket level 5 seven times.