How to get the Paint Can in Merge Mansion

Thankfully, it’s easier to get paint in reality.

Image via Merge Mansion on YouTube

The mobile title Merge Mansion tasks players with managing a subset of items in a limited inventory, combining them to turn them into new items to repair and renew a family manor. One of the items needed for these repairs is a Paint Can, and its low drop rate can make it a frustrating find.

Using Blue Boxes for Paint Cans

Players will need a total of 26 paint cans that have been upgraded to level four, although they are mostly needed in late-game areas such as the Fortress and Plaza. This ultimately adds to their difficulty, as its low drop rate means players should always hold onto them until they need to be used for repairs.

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A specially-colored box (the Blue Box) will drop for players upon completing the Frog Pond Falls missions. This box is the final toolbox unlocked in Merge Mansion. These boxes offer five drops each, and your pulls will come from the following table with rarer drops toward the bottom:

  • Cobwebbed Wrench
  • Cobwebbed Adjustable Wrench
  • Cobwebbed Mallet
  • Cobwebbed Screw
  • Cobwebbed Screws (1)
  • Cobwebbed Paint Can (1)
  • Cobwebbed Paint Can (2)

Players should always strive to maximize their Paint Can level. A timed mission, Terrace Triumphs (available from June 7 until June 14), did need low-level Paint Cans for completion, although this is the exception. Players should always be cognizant of current events within Merge Mansion to ensure they are not upgrading past needed items.

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Using Toolboxes for Paint Cans

Toolboxes can also drop Paint Cans, and it’s equally rare: roughly one in every 30 uses of a Toolbox will drop a Paint Can. Toolboxes will only drop items once they’ve reached level 4, and players cannot level the Toolbox up to ensure a better drop chance of Paint Cans, nor a higher level of Paint Can drop.

Still, with Toolbox merges being available upon first opening the garage, Toolboxes are a plausible means of gaining Paint Cans. Further, unlike the Mosaic tiles, Paint Cans offer a short merge chain resulting in less inventory space being needed.

Finally, Paint Cans can be occasionally purchased from the shop depending on the rotating inventory. Some players opt to simply purchase them when available, using gems, due to their low drop rate. Cautiously collecting and then holding onto the Paint Cans throughout the campaign should result in enough being stored when quests call for them.