How to get the Hood Ornament in Merge Mansion

Merge your way to victory.

Image via Metacore Games

Merge Mansion is an engaging puzzle mobile game in which you help restore your grandma’s house and other areas, and learn family secrets in the process. It is a casual game to play, but it offers a lot of options and strategies on how to approach the gameplay. During the Lindsay’s New York Story event, your main goal is to find the item Car Hood Ornament. Here’s how to find out how to find this item and successfully complete the event.

How to unlock the Lindsay’s New York Story event

To unlock the event itself, you will first have to complete cleaning the garage area, which will give you the Garage Events options, and more importantly, the Car Hood Ornament Task. You can access the event from the Calendar button, and it will last for three days (72 hours to be exact) each round. Once it’s over, you can claim the rewards and restart it at a later time, but losing the progress from the previous round.

The story of the event revolves around the history of Lindsay Hopper, but at a time when she was known as Lindsay Boulton and moved to New York to make it big on Wall Street. The story is told through snippets, rather than through dialogue.

Playing through the New York story, you will be earning Makeup Tools. As you collect them, keep merging them through the levels, making sure to reach at least Level 4, meaning Nail File or above. You can then use them to have the Lindsay Hopper chain drop an item. Now you have to keep merging those dropped items, with the goal of reaching level 11, which is when you will be able to get the Car Hood Ornament. So with that in mind, the proper merge chain sequence for those items would be the following:

Screenshot by Gamepur

Merge chain sequence for Car Hood Ornament

  1. Photo of Lindsay
  2. Statue of Liberty
  3. Safe
  4. Bull
  5. Bag of Money
  6. Bear
  7. Empty Safe
  8. Theater Mask
  9. Spray Can
  10. Modern Factory
  11. Car Hood Ornament

By completing that chain sequence, you will be able to earn the main reward from the Lindsay Hopper New York Story event in Merge Mansion.