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How to get Musketeer Hat in Blox Fruits

Unleash your inner Musketeer with the coveted hat in Blox Fruits - a quest worth taking!

Many accessories in Blox Fruits give you powerful buffs and help in other departments too. The Musketeer Hat is one of those powerful accessories, and it can boost your damage output and cooldown reduction on sword and gun attacks by 12.5%. In this guide, we’ll look closer at how you can obtain this highly sought-after item to gain an edge in battles.

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Citizen quests walkthrough to get Musketeer Hat in Blox Fruits

To get the Musketeer Hat, you must complete all three quests given by the Citizen. At the end of the third quest, you get the Musketeer Hat, but you must complete the two quests before it. These quests require you to be at level 1800. If you are not, start leveling up and then go for the quests.

Forest Pirate quest walkthrough — How to start and complete it

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To start the quests, you must head to Turtle Island in the Third Sea and talk to the Citizen, who you can find at the entrance of the main mansion where you go during the quest for Electric Claw. The first quest he gives is to kill 50 Forest Pirates. You can find these pirates just outside the mansion, and once you kill 50 of them, return to the Citizen.

Captain Elephant quest walkthrough — How to start and complete it

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Now he will give you the second quest, which will need you to defeat Captain Elephant, a boss on the island. You can find him by going to the left side of the mansion’s entrance. He will usually be there, but sometimes other players kill him. If that is the case, start server hoping and find a server where he is still alive and ready to get killed by you.

Where to find Musketeer Hat quest in Blox Fruits

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Once you finish that, you will get the last quest to find Musketeer Hat. This is a little trickier than others because there is no location given. To find it, head straight in the opposite direction of the mansion until you come across a small mountain with three mushroom trees on the left side. Attack the wall in front of the trees, and it will break open. Head inside, and at the end of it, you will find a black chest that has the Musketeer Hat. You also get the title, Main Character.

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