How to get Necramech mods in Warframe

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Necramechs are powerful machines that players can build in Warframe. They are heavily armored, and armed, and can decimate enemies in the game’s open world areas. They have 12 mod slots, where you can play mods that will increase their stats, damage, ability duration, and other combat aspects.

How to get Necramech mods

To get Necramech mods, you need to destroy Necramechs in Isolation Vaults. You can run Isolation Vaults by visiting Mother in the Necralisk She will have a Tier 1 Isolation Vault bounty that you can play on the Cambion Drift. When it is completed you can visit her on the Cambion Drift to increase the tier, all the way up to Tier 3. Different numbers of Necramechs spawn in the vaults, matching the Tier level.

  • Tier 1 – 1 Necramech
  • Tier 2 – 2 Necramechs
  • Tier 3 – 3 Necramechs

The Necramechs will have the chance to drop one of the 16 Necramech mods when they are destroyed. All the mods have a 10% chance of dropping, and this does not seem to be impacted by the Isolation Vault tier.

Necramech Mods

You can find a full list of the Necramech mods below, drawn from the game’s drop tables. As soon as we have full descriptions for each mod we will add them to this article.

  • Necramech Blitz
  • Necramech Continuity
  • Necramech Deflection
  • Necramech Fury
  • Necramech Hydraulics
  • Necramech Intensify
  • Necramech Pressure Point
  • Necramech Reach
  • Necramech Refuel
  • Necramech Seismic Wave
  • Necramech Slipstream
  • Necramech Steel Fiber
  • Necramech Streamline
  • Necramech Stretch
  • Necramech Thrusters
  • Necramech Vitality